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Video Doorbell

Our new livestreaming, two-way talking, person-detecting doorbell has arrived. Plus a plug-in Chime.

video doorbell + Chime

Traditional companies might have cameras. But Kangaroo is the only one that keeps you covered in the case of incidents. Yep, we don’t just have your back. We pay you back.

"Kangaroo undercuts Ring with an affordable Smart Doorbell."
"New, welcome territory in the smart home."
"The $20 Doorbell Camera That Made Me Stop Pining for a Ring."


Affordable and easy to use!

Quick and easy set-up. Perfect for our detached garage that receives enough WiFi signal to operate this system. We wanted additional security but didn’t want to pay a fortune. We are already stuck in a long contract with large monthly fees for our home. As soon as our existing contract ends for the security in the home we will switch to all Kangaroo!

Kangaroo security starter kit

Quick delivery, easy setup, quality components, 1 year free 24/7 monitoring, very good customer service... Kangaroo was a great decision for me. In fact, I purchased a second kit.

Security Made Soooo Simple

I recently bought a Starter Home Kit which includes a full year of service with professional monitoring. The cost was just $99 - by far the best value I've seen in my research. So I was little skeptical, but gave it a try. First off, the packaging is so nice and they make it really easy to set up the system... you're guided through it right in the app. I got everything up and in place in 15 minutes --- I had one issue with placing one of the sensor right, but figured it out. What a great value and I'm really enjoying my new Kangaroo system so far, and recommending to others!!

See How Much Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring Can Save You on Insurance

Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring
Protect your home with the Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring

This is an estimate only. Final discount amount is decided by the individual insurer based on a number of factors and is subject to change per their policies. The estimate also assumes an average annual home insurance premium across the united states and 3 years of ownership of device.

The Kangaroo Commitment

We’ll keep your home safe, and your data secure. We’ll make sophisticated products easy to set up and use. And we’ll always respect your money.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need WiFi to use Kangaroo products?

Yes, a WiFi internet connection is needed for your Kangaroo devices to work. The devices use it to communicate with the Kangaroo mobile app. When you’re away, you also need mobile data to be able to receive push notifications for any activity detected by the Kangaroo devices.

Is a paid plan required?

No, all Kangaroo products provide app-based security out of the box. However, by choosing either a Cam or Complete Protect plan, you can unlock theft and damage reimbursement and premium features for certain devices. Learn more about our plans here.

What integrations do you support?

Currently, we integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We have additional integrations coming in the future.

Compact, Not Complex.

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