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Dual Function Motion + Entry Sensors

Sleep soundly knowing your doors and windows are armed.

Quantity: 3

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  • Monitor doors, windows and rooms.
  • Get alerts if a door or window is opened when you’re away or when you’re home sleeping.
  • Get alerts if there is movement inside the home when no one is supposed to be there.

Water + Climate Sensor

Stop a leak from becoming a flood.

Quantity: 1

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  • Monitor for water leaks.
  • Stay updated on temperature and humidity.
  • Protect your home from mold, mildew and freezing pipes.
Here we go

Siren + Keypad and 2 Roo Tags

Alert the household with an audible alarm.

Quantity: 1 Siren, 2 roo tags

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  • Arm and Disarm with your Keypad or Roo tags.
  • Roo tags allow you to arm and disarm with one tap. Perfect for guests, kids and frequent visitors.
  • Let your Siren listen for your smoke/CO detector so it can alert you if it goes off.
  • Press the “Panic Button” in case of a serious emergency.
  • Scare off intruders with Siren’s audible alarm.

Yard Sign and Window Decals

Stop danger at the door.

Quantity: 1 yard sign, 5 window decals

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  • Bright and bold, Kangaroo signs and stickers are designed for prevention.
  • Yard Sign = first line of defense. Send a message that your home is monitored.
  • Place window decals in all of your windows and scare away intruders.

Over 59 million people in America don’t have home security. We are on a mission to change that.

 Our team of ex-google engineers came together to flip old-school security on its head. We developed an innovative hubless system that offers all the protection of traditional security - for a fraction of the cost. This means lower prices and increased flexibility. No longer wired to the wall, our products work anywhere there is wifi.

Kangaroo Security Starter Kit $99

Plus 1 year of 24/7 Pro-monitoring, and all Kangaroo Complete Plan Features ($99 value!)


  • 3 Dual Function Motion + Entry Sensors
  • 1 Water + Climate Sensor
  • 1 Siren + Keypad
  • 2 Roo Tags
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 5 Window Decals.


24-7 Pro-Monitoring, Homeowners insurance discount (up to 20%), Alexa and Google home integrations, Kangaroo Coverage, texts and voice calls, and more.

How It Works

With the Starter Kit, you can be up and running in minutes. Seriously! Our system requires no tools, professional installation or complicated contracts.

Kangaroo App Features

All About Privacy

Data + Privacy

We use system wide, end to end encryption with a crypto chip to keep your data safe. In non-tech speak: Your data is scrambled when saved and only you have the unscrambling key.

Microphone + Privacy

Our Siren can only hear Smoke/Co alarm sounds (if you’re a numbers person, that means only frequencies between 3,000 - 4,000 Hz). Any sound below that range, like a person talking, won’t be picked up.

Privacy is important to us! Any sounds picked up by the microphone are processed right there in the Siren — nothing is stored or transmitted anywhere, and nobody (including us at Kangaroo) has access to it.

The Kangaroo Difference