Kangaroo has your front, and back covered.

We’re in the business of preventing problems, but if something does occur, Kangaroo is here to help resolve your issue. Complete Protect and Porch Protection Plan customers are eligible for reimbursement. More information is below, or you can start the claim submission process now.


It is as easy as 1,2,3

step 1Make a claim within 5 days of the incident
step 2We'll respond within 45 hours.
step 3Once approved, you'll be reinbursed in as little as 72hrs.

Kangaroo Plans Provide Total Security - Ensuring You’re Covered in the Event of an Incident

With Kangaroo, peace of mind means more than knowing your home is secured. It extends to recovery assistance in the event of an issue.

Porch Protection Plan

Our Porch Protection Plan features package theft reimbursement, allowing you to recover the value of your stolen delivery. It also includes different coverage amounts so there’s a fit for everyone from the casual online shopper to someone addicted to Amazon.Learn More about Porch Protection Plan

PACKAGE THEFT with Kangaroo Doorbell Camera

Use your Doorbell Camera to provide evidence of package theft including an image and alert sent to your phone. When paired with Doorbell Camera, Porch Protection Plan holders also get the added benefit of 365-day cloud storage.

PACKAGE THEFT without Kangaroo Doorbell Camera

Provide available evidence of package theft. If you have another doorbell camera and catch it, great! See below for items need to support and validate a claim.

Complete Protect

Theft? Water issues? Fire or smoke damage? Kangaroo will cover up to $250/claim and up to $1,000/year based on which products you have installed in your home. Also covers package theft if you have a Doorbell Camera installed.Learn More about Complete Protect


Stolen or damaged property as a direct result of a break-in, in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Privacy Camera, Doorbell Camera, or Motion + Entry Sensor (Police report required).


Water damage from a leak originating from inside the home in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Water + Climate Sensor.


Damage directly caused by fire or smoke within and originating from an area with a Kangaroo Siren + Keypad.

What we don’t cover

✕ Weather and water-related damage originating from outside the home.✕ Mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria or any natural occurrences arising from humidity or water.✕ Damage arising from misuse, neglect or alteration of any Kangaroo devices.For complete details see policy links below.
Kangaroo incident reimbursement is supplementary support for renters and homeowners insurance. It’s the perfect way to cover your deductible or incidents that fall below it. We never report a claim, so your insurance will not be affected by anything we cover.Please note, if your Kangaroo coverage plan is directly associated with Kangaroo security products, these must be active and armed at the time of an incident. For all coverage plan holders, additional incident verification is required to ensure claim details and validity.