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Roo Tags (2x)

The super-convenient Roo Tags let you switch between Arm and Disarm with a single tap to the Siren. Perfect for guests, tennants, children and other people for whom you may want to provide limited access. For use with the Siren only.

Roo Tags (2x) FAQ



What do the Roo Tags do?

The Roo Tags are a quick and easy way to arm and disarm your system. The tags have unique IDs so you can identify who has armed or disarmed the system.


Can I have more than 2 Roo Tags?

Yes, you can add as many tags as you'd like.

Roo Tags (2x) Specs

Size: 3.93” x 5.1” x 6.96” (100mm x 129mm x 177m)
Key fob weight with the loop: 3.5g
Metal key ring weight: 0.6g

Product Requirements:
• Kangaroo Siren + Keypad

1 Year Warranty