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Front Door Security Kit
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Kangaroo Small Business Bundle


Kangaroo Small Business Bundle. 

Get a free security kit, security camera, and Kangaroo Complete premium service with professional monitoring for three months. The kit is designed for easy self-installation and the system can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone. After three months, simply return the kit. Kangaroo will cover both outbound and return shipping. You will also have the option to continue the service, which is solely at your discretion.

Kangaroo kits are designed to be a kick-off kit for your space. They include all the parts you need to get started securing your office —including Motion + Entry sensors to let you know when someone has entered or exited, and a Siren + Keypad for audible alerts and easy arming and disarming.

Privacy Camera is the safest security camera for your office. Designed with premium monitoring features like 3x zoom and night vision, but also with a PDLC Privacy Shield lens, you have the power to keep an eye on your home from anywhere, then keep all eyes OFF your space when you choose. With one tap in the app, you can fully disarm your camera and watch the lens transform to an opaque shield, providing visual verification that all visual and audio feeds have been blocked and your privacy is protected.

This 5-piece kit includes: 

1 Privacy Camera
2 Motion + Entry Sensors  
1 Siren + Keypad
2 Roo Tags
1 Yard Sign
5 Window Stickers