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Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring

$304 VALUE
Includes First Year of Kangaroo Complete
$1000 Theft & Damage Protection, 24/7 Pro Monitoring
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  • Monitor front door and access points with Doorbell Camera and Motion + Entry Sensors.
  • Siren + Keypad provides 85 decibel siren and alerts if Smoke or CO alarm is triggered.
  • Comes with full year Kangaroo Complete plan, including 24/7 Professional Monitoring.
  • Get reimbursed up to $1000 for theft-related incidents.
  • Plus yard sign and decals to provide visible deterrent.

Meet the Most Affordable Doorbell Camera in Smart Home Security.

Featuring motion and ring triggered alerts and recorded motion-photo clips, Doorbell Camera takes the mystery of who is at the door. Doorbell Camera is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) that, when paired with Siren + Keypad, can ensure a longer battery life. Best of all, no hardwiring - simply peel and stick or screw mount. Doorbell Camera is so affordable, there's no reason to stop at the front door.

Secure the Front Door and More, All from Your Phone!

Monitor and safeguard your primary access points with the Front Door Security Kit. You'll also have an 85db siren on your side. Plus, with our Kangaroo Complete plan included, you'll have the added security of a professionally-monitored system. It's all topped off with the Kangaroo Yard Sign, which lets people know not to mess with your address!

Compare Kangaroo’s Front Door Security Kit to Ring’s Most Affordable Doorbell

Price $99 $99
Smart Doorbell Yes Yes
Motion + Entry Sensors Yes Nope
Siren + Keypad Yes Not Quite
Yard Sign Yes Nada
Full Year Premium Service Yes Very funny
Professional Monitoring Yes Huh?

What's Included?

What's Included?

1 Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Camera connects to your phone, where you'll receive motion and ring alerts plus photo-motion recordings of activity. Doorbell Camera runs on three AA batteries (included). Plus there's no hardwiring - either peel-and-stick or screw in the backplate and you're ready to go.

Key Features:
- Receive mobile alerts with photo-stitch when someone approaches the door.
- Get notified with photo-stitch when the bell is rung.
- Know who is knocking, or ringing, day and night with Night Vision.
- Access motion-photos in the cloud for 365 days. (A Kangaroo Complete feature)

Extras Include:
1 Yard Sign
5 Window Stickers

Kangaroo Complete Extends your Coverage

Kangaroo Complete adds 24/7 Professional Monitoring, enables Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and increases your Doorbell Camera cloud storage. Plus - if you do have a security incident, Kangaroo Complete ensures you’re covered with package theft reimbursement!

$250 maximum per incident and four claims per year. See details here.


Simple set-up

No tools or tech geeks required.


Free service is included!

Test more at your own pace.

24/7 GuRoo

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Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring FAQ



Does the Doorbell Camera take photos or video?

The device takes a rapid sequence of photos, which are then stitched together to create motion pictures.


How long will the batteries last?

This depends on usage and the amount of time your device detects motion and sends alerts. You can expect multi-month battery life, but you can ensure a longer battery life when you pair the device with the Kangaroo Chime or Siren + Keypad.


What is the Kangaroo Siren + Keypad?

With it, you can arm and disarm your Kangaroo security system. It will provide an audible, interior ring for the doorbell. If one of your Kangaroo sensors is triggered, the device’s siren will sound.


How do I replace the batteries in my sensors?

Simply unscrew the back of the sensor and remove the front cover.


Do I need WiFi?

Yes. Our products do require WiFi.