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8-Piece Security Kit with Professional Monitoring

$344 VALUE
Includes First Year of Kangaroo Complete
$1000 Theft & Damage Protection, 24/7 Pro Monitoring
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  • Monitor front door and access points with Doorbell Camera and Motion + Entry Sensors.
  • Siren + Keypad provides 85 decibel siren and alerts if Smoke or CO alarm is triggered.
  • Comes with full year Kangaroo Complete plan, including 24/7 Professional Monitoring.
  • Get reimbursed up to $1000 for theft-related incidents.
  • Plus yard sign and decals to provide visible deterrent.

This 8-piece kit includes:
3 Motion + Entry Sensors
1 Water + Climate Sensor
1 Siren + Keypad
1 Yard Sign
5 Window Stickers

For less than $100 a year, customers receive a full kit of hardware (a $225 value), all Kangaroo Complete features, homeowners’ insurance discounts and much, much more.Learn More

It sounds too good to be true, but the Kangaroo starter kit offers incredible value.

Everything about the Kangaroo security set up is as simple as can be.

Protect What Matters Most

Kangaroo not only protects your physical space, it safeguards your family providing early warnings of potential problems and abnormal activity straight to your phone.

What's Included?

What's Included?

1 Siren + Keypad

An extra-secure accessory, the Siren is used with our sensors to provide an audible household alarm when one is triggered. The Keypad and included Roo Tags allow for convenient guest access and one-tap arming or disarming. Our Siren can also hear Smoke/CO alarms and send a notification to your phone. It uses a microphone to do so, which can only pick up frequencies between 3,000-4,000 hz. Any sound below that range, like a person talking, cannot be heard.

Key Features:
- Smoke/CO alarm listener sends an alert to your phone
- Roo Tags and Keypad code allow for physically arming and disarming
- Emergency button for urgent help-needed situations
- Backlit keypad designed for sleekness and ease of use

Extras Include:
1 Yard Sign
5 Window Stickers

Monitor Your Home, From Your Phone

Detects Motion

Get instant alerts to your phone when motion is detected up to 20 feet away.

Detects Smoke & CO

Our Siren can detect smoke and CO alarms, then send an alert to your phone.

Detects Open/Close

Get instant alerts to your phone when a door, window, or cabinet is open or closed.

Pet Friendly

Got pets? Select “Pet Parent” in the app during pairing for pet-proof setup.

Detects Climate Change

Detects water, extreme changes in temperature, and humidity then sends an alert to your phone.

Customized Ecosystem

Build the system that works for YOU-add as many Kangaroo products as you want!

Alexa and Google Assistant integration are included with Kangaroo Complete plan.


Simple set-up

No tools or tech geeks required.

No commitment

Free service is included, want to test more, go at your own pace.

24/7 GuRoo

Need an assist, we like to talk it out.