Support for life’s little accidents.

We’re in the business of preventing problems. But if something goes awry, we’ve still got your back! Kangaroo Coverage covers up to $1,000-worth of damage per year.

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How Kangaroo Coverage Works:

What we cover:

If your sensors were on and you recieved an alert, we’ll cover...


Stolen or damaged property as a direct result of a break-in, in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Motion or Motion + Entry Sensor. (Police report required.)

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Water Damage

Water damage from a leak originating from inside the home in an area monitored by a Kangaroo Water + Climate Sensor.

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Smoke & Fire Damage

Damage directly caused by fire or smoke within and originating from an area with a Kangaroo Siren + Keypad.

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What we don't cover:

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Kangaroo coverage is supplementary support for renters and homeowners insurance.

We never report claims, so your insurance premium will not be affected by claims we cover.

Our coverage is perfect for little accidents that fall below your insurance deductible.

Submit a claim now.

Submit within 5 days of the incident and get up to $250 towards repairs.

You’ll need:
Date and time of the incident

Photographs of the damage

Police report if you’re claiming theft

Receipts from any repairs

*You can follow up with these later if repairs are incomplete