We’re 38 people across 4 countries and we are looking for passionate people to join our team.

Meet our team

Victor Meng

GM, China & Cofounder

Connie Yuan

Director, Purchasing

Weng Jian Hong

Product Realization Lead

Alan Wang

Product Realization Lead

Hunter Yi

Sr. Software Engineer

Yuchi Peng

Hardware Engineer

Glen Li

Sr. Hardware Engineer

Alson Huang

RF Engineer

Jerry Luo

Firmware Engineer

Rock Chen

Product Engineer

Maximus Yaney

CEO & Cofounder

Dhruv Garg

President & Cofounder

James Xu

CTO & Cofounder

Erez Simha


Bryn Terrell

Brand Marketing Manager

Lam Lu

UI / UX Designer

Aaron Saxton

Lead Industrial Designer

Kate Vallon

Principal Product Designer

Cheryl Lemone

Customer Marketing Lead

Evan Hutchison

Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy

Jordan Beckvonpeccoz

Visual Design Lead

Eric Cherng

Sr. Program Manager

Laura Sabater

Visual Designer

Kimberly Brooks

Growth and Strategy Manager

Lizhen He

Sr. Product Designer

Adam Łastowski

Android Developer

Oktawian Chojnacki

Mobile Lead

Filip Kowalski

Android Developer

Bartosz Górka

iOS Developer

Michal Lankof

Lead Android Developer

Krzysztof Rodak

iOS Developer

Irma Ciesielska

Quality Assurance Analyst

Jon Dennis Cruz

CX Manager

Jayson Aliwalas

CX Specialist

Tristan Codamon

CX Specialist

Eldie Balagot

CX Specialist
Join our Croo

What we do

Think as big as we can.

Break things, make things.

Laugh at ourselves & each other.

Celebrate victories and birthdays.

Make kangaroo puns. Often.

Eat group dinners.

What we don't

Allow egos.

Discourage crazy ideas.

Wear blazers.

Get bored.

Office Feed

03:36 am EST


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