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2 Motion + Entry Sensors

Get alerts if anyone is entering or exiting your space. Perfect for doors, windows, bedrooms and more.

1 Siren + Keypad

Amp up your security with the Siren + Keypad. The siren goes off if a sensor is triggered, and the keypad allowsfor guest access to your space without access to your entire system.

2 Roo Tags

Give limited access to your near and dear. Roo Tags can be tapped to the Siren + Keypad to quickly Disarm the system without the app.

Replacement Sensors

Moving is normal! When you start fresh in a new place, we’ll send you 2 free Motion + Entry sensors to replace or add to your previous 2.

“Works really well for apartment situations where having something more robust is not necessary.”

ALEX, 07/2019


Your membership includes access to Kangaroo Complete and gives you features like:

Alexa & Google Home integration

Extra text & voice alerts

Optional 24/7 emergency support

Members save 15% on all additional hardware.

Secure small spaces.

The peel-and-stick Motion + Entry sensor can keep tabs on all kinds of small spaces, from your designated kitchen cabinet to your bedroom in 
a shared apartment.

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Get your security deposit back.

Easy to install and remove, the Motion + Entry Sensor is a great way to add door and window security without jeopardizing your security deposit with drill holes or sinking a ton of money into a wired system.

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Keep your space to yourself.

Roomies are great, but so is keeping your Me Space private. Put a Motion + Entry sensor on your bedroom door, closet, or other spaces meant just for you to ensure they stay that way.

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