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How about a year of the Porch Protection Plan for 80% off?

Get the first year of the Porch Protection Plan for less than $5! Answer the questions according to the future location of your Kangaroo devices. Plan features include:

• $300 Package Theft Reimbursement
• 365-Day Cloud Storage
• 90-Day Activity History
• File claims up to $150/incident, up to two per year

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File a Claim Right in the Kangaroo App

Simply submit a receipt for your purchase, show proof of delivery or tracking number, and get reimbursed within 72 hours of verification.

Porch Protection Plan is annual

Anniversary date renewal can be canceled at anytime in advance.

365-Day Cloud Storage

Store photos in the cloud for 365 days for an unlimited number of Doorbell Cameras.

90-Day Activity History

With the activity timeline you can review your home’s history going back as far as 90 days.